Traders8, oil trading made easy and mobile

Welcome to Traders8 – Traders8 is the modern, web-based and process-orientated Industry Solution for Oil and Gas markets.

It supports Distributors, Suppliers and Traders in their daily business like Invoicing, Order-taking and Material Planning.

It brings the participants of these processes together due to integrated communication channels, overarching data management and completely new ways to work together.

Traders8 promises to make their daily work easier, more efficient and even more secure by combining the three disciplines of todays business in one application: All in one, all in Traders8.

The next step in oil trading

Reporting and Business Intelligence

No Business runs without Reporting and Business Intelligence. Traders8 integrates a flexible and extensible Reporting Engine that lets you create Reports, Statistics and Analysis anytime you need. Due to the gap-less process integration, much more information about your process performance are available. It seems like a process does not run smoothly? Traders8 offers tools you the tools to find such problems and helps you to get rid of them.

Enterprise Resource Planning Functionalities

Traders8 first business focus is to provide an integrated and process-based Industry Solution for Suppliers, Distributors and Trader. It provides typical ERP Functionalities like:

  • Order-Taking and Management
  • Material Planning
  • Stock Management
  • Invoicing
  • Interfaces to 3rd Party Systems (i.e. DATEV)

The second focus is the integration of all participants of the business process. Starting from the point of sale, to the captain and finally to the invoicing department – all use the same solution – without a system gap, without any friction loss. It can even integrate suppliers and customers and bring them closer together to work on a their common goal: Customer satisfaction.

Open Interfaces

When it comes to connecting to external systems, Traders8 has you covered. Traders8 offers several ways to connect to 3rd party Systems.

The integration with DATEV is already available and makes sure, that invoice data is transferred gapless to and from the DATEV Software Bundle.

Do you need an additional Interface? No problem for Traders8: The interface engine is easy extensible and open for new requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Traders8, oil trading made easy, mobile and secure

Traders8, as a web-based Solution, is available from everywhere, anytime. All your need is a webbrowser and a working internet-connection.

What about the security?

Traders8 runs only with a modern 2-Factor-Authorization which ensures that you can login only with a combination of knowledge (classic password) and device ownership (token generator). This ensures the highest security for your data with the flexibility of an everywhere solution.

Join us soon

Currently we are in a closed beta. Together with our partners, we are making sure everything is working perfect.

Once we are sure everything runs smoothly, we will open up Traders8 to the world.

Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Traders8 news, write your email down in the box below, and once we open, you'll be the first to know.